What every-one should know about Ebola

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Fight and defeat Ebola. To see why more people survive Ebola in Sierra Leone scroll to the bottom of this page.

Ebola is dangerous, the heavy security measures make it a difficult task for scientists, who say the virus is only dangerous when patients are sick, to study. They now make a vaccine that is not safe for long term protection, doctors say there is no cure, where information I found on-line made me believe there is a long term protection and can be more survivors.

How viruses multiply

Viruses use cells to multiply. After reproduction cells in which reproduction took place die which is called apoptosis (cell death). Replicated viruses use new cells to replicate, apoptosis follows and so on until death follows.

When a person gets infected with Ebola, the virus attacks the immune system, apoptosis among  CD 8 T-cells and CD4 T-helpercells (type white bloodcells of the immune system) whom are crucial for immune function, follows. 

Immunologists found evidence that Ebola weakens the biomarker for Natural Killer cells called CD16. They are an important defence against tumors, bacteria and viruses. Some function in fighting the virus remains (1), as part of this original scientific research shows. This can make a difference between life and death.

If the immune system of a person resists the attack studies say persons have bigger chance to outlive the disease, more important,”There is strong epidemiological evidence that once an individual has resolved an Ebola virus infection, they are immune to that strain” (2). Because of this survivors are at most importance to end this Ebola-epidemic.

Survivors learn Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage, with safety measures, they give it to patients who are as long ill as they where, after what it is to be expected world population builds long term protection against  Ebola and other, some incurable, diseases with Anti Stress in 3 minuten massage.

How to speed up and win!

Significant increase of CD4 T-helper cells and antibodies were seen after pressure-massage received on a regular basis (B) in controlled clinical trials, a.k. scientific research. Studies 3, 3a4, 5,  show enhancement of CD4 T-helper cells and antibodies as well as Natural Killer cells after (pressure)massage.  CD4 T-helper cells and antibodies are needed for long term protection against the Ebola virus.

Effects on effleurage massage (soft massage with oil) where not demonstrated on following clinical trial http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18474451. This proves why Anti Stress in 3 minuten massage, which is a pressure massage you can learn by downloading the massagecard, works

Because total improvement of bodily functions occur when Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage is received 1 to 3 times per day, it is to be expected to also enhance CD8 T-cells, which are very important cells that fight Ebola virus in case of acute infection.

Pharmaceutical companies like GlaxcoSmithKline are working on vaccines that enhance CD8 T-cells and antibodies. These cells are important defence in case of acute infection not for long term protection. Enhancement of CD4 T-helper cells and antibodies is needed for long term protection against the Ebola-virus (A).

Tending patients home lead up to 43.75% more survicors/lass fatal incidents in Sierra Leone, which officials admitted to be a ‘major defeat’ in Sierra Leone Dr. Peter H. Kilmarx, the leader of disease control and preventions in Sierra Leone, said on October 10th. Not ones he mentioned the effectiveness of touch.

Because of this ‘proven’ effectiveness of touch it is to be expected Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage speeds up the defeat of Ebola before it is let to ‘end’ through isolation as fire dies out without oxygen.

Fatal infections end if protection against Ebola virus on young, old, and human with pre-existing health conditions increase on a regular basis. Effectiveness of this on the current tested vaccine is questioned by its makers GlaxcoSmithKline directors (7) say.

Scientific research will show regular Anti Stress in 3 minutes massages increase protection against viruses wherefore I’ve send e-mails to the Dutch and Sierra Leonean Governments asking consent and support to trial with Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage in Sierra Leone, unfortunately until now, without success.


Sierra Leone will rise above poor judging permitted spokesman who give false information about death percentage if Sierra Leonean people take massive action. Impact on current healthcare systems whom ignore strength human body has to overcome diseases, if it is stimulated the right way, follows.

Therefore I offer to share Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage and needed knowledge to fight and defeat Ebola with Sierra Leonean citizens at no costs, and help make their country a prosperous country that thrives on new healthcare rich and famous people from around the world go to cure, where healthcare is available for mid- and lower class which will be sold to foreign countries as TV programs, Internet and Smartphone apps wherefrom most effected families will receive financial and emotional support, and economical growth by various jobs this new healthcare system creates if massive action occur right now! Follow for facts that will bring Sierra Leone Ebola freedom before large-scale vaccination starts.

Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage not only has shown in results Anti Stress in 3 minuten massage® to be able to enhance immune function, it also has shown to have positive effects on pancreas- and kidney function, which is of great importance in recovery of diabetes type 2, recovery from diabetes type 1 & prevention from kidney-dialyses for as good as it can get. Doctors say there is no cure yet, these results from Anti Stress in 3 minuten massage® show there is. 

Symptoms of Ebola are high fever, headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, some-times skin eruption, decrease kidney and liver functions, inflammation of small veins that are responsible for haemorrhage every-one has seen that probably also occur in the body.


Comparison made by Jolanda de Vries with prove tending patients home leads up to 20% more survivors/less fatal incidents in Sierra Leone when tending patient home of the World Health Organization Ebola response roadmap – Situation reports summarize

List of CD-markers http://www.prep4usmle.com/forum/thread/29725/

(1) Full content scientific research http://www.jimmunol.org/content/180/6/4058.full

(2) Immunity Ebola-survivors http://www.livescience.com/47511-are-ebola-survivors-immune.html

(3) Increase dopamine-levels, Natural Killer cells and lymphocytes after massage in research on women with breastcancer http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15809216

(3a)Women with Stage 1 and 2 breast cancer may benefit from thrice-weekly massage therapy for reducing depressed mood, anxiety, and anger and for enhancing dopamine, serotonin, and NK cell number and lymphocytes. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15256294

(4) Reduced depression and enhanced immune function (increased Natural Killer cells and Natural Killer cell activity) after pressure massage  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25172313

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GlaxcoSmithKline vaccine enhances CD8 T-helper cells and antibodies, not CD4 T-helper cells http://www.nih.gov/news/health/nov2014/niaid-28.htm

(A) Increase CD4 T-helper cells and antibodies are needed for long term protection against Ebola-virus http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC368745/

(B) CD 4 T-helper cells and antibodies increase significant after massage, needed in long term protection against Ebola and HIV http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16884341

(7) Questions about GSK-vaccine

According to http://www.nih.gov/news/health/nov2014/niaid-28.htm there where CD8 T cells detected in the blood of nine volunteers

http://www.nhs.uk/news/2014/11November/Pages/Ebola-vaccine-shows-promise-in-human-trials.aspx writes about he same study, which primary goal was to assess the safety of the vaccine in humans, but tests to determine if the vaccine might be effective were also promising at four weeks: nine low-dose volunteers and 10 high-dose volunteers (where previous sources says 9 ??) had antibodies against the Zaire strain (responsible for the current outbreak), seven low-dose volunteers and eight high-dose volunteers had antibodies against the Sudan strain.

According to this tests 15 out of 20 people who volunteered in the phase one trail showed ‘no serious, mild tot moderate symptoms included’ side-effects.

The research was carried out by researchers from National Institutes of Health in Maryland, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in Belgium and the University of Naples:

One person had a severe fever of 39.9C and one person had a mild temperature within eight to 24 hours of the higher injection dose; both resolved within one day.

The blood tests of three people (one low dose, two high dose) showed that the time it took for their blood to clot had roughly doubled; in addition, four people (one low dose and three high dose) had low white blood cell counts (the cells that fight infection) in the days following the injection.

Ten people had mild tenderness at the injection site, but no-one had any redness or swelling.

One person felt moderately unwell after the injection and nine felt mildly unwell.

Subsequent tests found that longer-term immunity for up to 10 months was improved by giving a booster dose.

For more information ore contact send an e-mail to jolanda@mardanmassages.nl

On the 9th. of december I wrote to His Excellency Ibrahim Sorie, the Sierra Leoneon ambassador in Brussels the following e-mail:


For one month now I try to get through to the Dutch Pre-minister and the Dutch minister of Health and Foreign affairs and wrote following e-mails on december first and december seventh to the contact-person of Sierra Leone’s Statehouse, with-out success until now.

Media, doctors and WHO officials say it is not going well in Sierra Leone where more people survive when tending patients home, here lays the solution to the epidemic. But no-one talks about it.

I want to help because this is the best way for long term and probably short term protection you’re people can learn them selfs if I can teach them, if you’re Government, WHO ore UN will help me do this.

Hoping you’ll find reasons to support me.

Looking forward to you’re answer,

Yours sincerely,

Jolanda de Vries.
Tel.: 0031(0) 6 233 247 08

End of e-mail.


False statement WHO spokesman:

Bruce Aylward, WHO epidemicoloog says death-percentage in Sierra Leone are 90 percent ore more, for sure 80% on December 1st, which for a fact declined from 41,13% to 20.46% when more patient where tended at home see broadcast at 10 minutes/25seconds at http://www.uitzendinggemist.net/aflevering/297762/Nieuwsuur.htmlWHO bericht over Ebola 06-12-2014:2

‘Surrounding countries Guinea and Liberia are doing better’

WHO bericht over Ebola 06-12-2014:3

‘From al three countries Sierra Leone is worst’

WHO bericht over Ebola 06-12-2014:1

‘In Sierra Leone we still see high death-numbers: 90% of more. 80% for sure’ on the day 22,33% of the people in Sierra Leone died due to Ebola infection



WHO Ebola virus disease response roadmap – Situation reports summarize:

Comparison made by Jolanda de Vries, read on PDF ore below

                 SIERRA LEONE                           GUINEA                                        LIBERIA

               Infect.        Dead  Percentage   Infect.    Dead   Percentage  Infect.   Dead   Percentage


United Nations mission started Ebola Emergency Response on October first

  • At October tenth Dr. Peter H. Kilmarx, the leader of the disease control and preventions acknowledges in an interview in the New York times a “major” defeat in battling the epidemic in Sierra Leone for his approval of families tending patients at home …..
  • In the same article brother Mohammed Kargbo said:  “When people are sick, you want to touch them,” “Now, I cannot even touch her. It is a problem”.
  • Death rate in Sierra Leone stays with 14.73% not behind on Liberia where death rate declined 16,66%, and overall viewer people die in Sierra Leone.

It is my understanding around this time there is a harsher preach on hands-off nursing of Ebola-patients in Sierra Leone ….. see four yourself what happens …… death-percentage raises and today, if no yesterday there has to be protection for healthy citizens protection. For both I expect Anti Stress in 3 minutes massage to be helpful for what I do my at most best to find a way to teach it to West-African people as soon as possible. If you have ideas, know influential persons who understand this might be the solution who will support this ‘out of the box’ solutions doctors will say and/ore questions contact me via Facebook ore wright an e-mail to  jolanda@mardanmassages.nl